Welcome to the WG 145 site

Our Working Group is dedicated to advancing the ability of chemical oceanographers to model chemical speciation in seawater and other natural waters. We are collaborating with a group of national metrological institutes to carry out new laboratory measurements to characterise the thermodynamic properties and speciation in the major and minor components of seawater, and in the aqueous buffers used to calibrate instruments for measuring pH. Concurrently, we are also working on an uncertainty analysis of currently available data and “Pitzer” speciation models.

The aim of the Working Group is, over a period of years, to develop a user-friendly comprehensive chemical speciation model of seawater and related natural waters. The model will include a full treatment of uncertainties. Our efforts are supported by grants from the Natural Environment Research Council in the UK, and the National Science Foundation in the USA. This Working Group is sponsored by theĀ Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research.

On this website we describe our activities and achievements, and current activities of interest to the chemical oceanography community. For further information, please contact either David Turner (david.turner@marine.gu.se), or Simon Clegg (s.clegg@uea.ac.uk).

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