News (January 2020)

The Working Group will hold a meeting at Ocean Sciences 2020 in San Diego (16-21 February), and will also host a lunchtime session on Thursday 20 February, 12.45-1.45pm. At this session we will describe our latest results, including some software that we have developed for the calculation of pH in Tris buffers in artificial seawater, and carbonate system K* in standard seawater. One-on-one demonstrations of the software will be given at the SCOR Exhibit Booth (#341). Please see this announcement.

After Ocean Sciences, the links to the two web-based demonstration programs that we showed at the meeting will be made available on this site.

At the meeting, members of the Working Group will be giving the following presentations:

Finally, we are pleased to announce that Working Group member Andrew Dickson (Scripps Institution of Oceanography) is leading a newly formed IAPSO-sponsored Best Practices Study Group in Seawater pH Measurements.