News (March 2020)

The Working Group met for the fourth time on February 16th in San Diego, just before  AGU/ASLO Ocean Sciences in San Diego. This meeting, including notes summarising our discussions, is described under the Meetings link above. We were particularly pleased
to talk with Associate Member Regina Easley about the possible participation of NIST in our experimental programme.

The solubility measurements carried out by Pablo Lodeiro work (GEOMAR), and studies of the statistics of our Pitzer-based chemical speciation model “MarChemSpec” (by Matthew Humphreys, UEA), were presented at the meeting. At our lunchtime event, and in the SCOR booth in the exhibition hall, we demonstrated our draft speciation models showing the calculation of uncertainty contributions to the predicted pH of Tris buffers, and K* of the carbonate system in seawater. This was successful and attracted a good number of participants. The models will remain available here, and we encourage you to try them. Questions and feedback are welcome.

Our email list of scientists who would like to be kept up to date with our progress now
has over 100 names. If you would like to be added to it, please contact Heather Benway (