About SCOR

SCOR, the Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research, is the leading international non-governmental organization for the promotion and coordination of international oceanographic activities. SCOR was formed in 1957 by the International Council for Science (ICSU) in recognition that scientific questions about the ocean often require an interdisciplinary approach.

SCOR activities focus on promoting international cooperation in planning and conducting oceanographic research, and solving methodological and conceptual problems that hinder research.

Each year two new working groups are selected by the SCOR committee to deliberate on a narrowly focused timely topic and advance the knowledge in that field. Funding is made available to hold meetings and bring members of the working groups together in workshops. Results are reported in peer-reviewed publications, books, manuals, or databases within 4 years. SCOR has sponsored ― alone or with other organizations ― over 140 working groups.

SCOR is also actively involved in the planning and coordination of several large-scale ocean research projects for long-term, complex activities, such as GEOTRACES , SOLAS, and others. Please refer to http://www.scor-int.org/ for more information