Working Group Meeting 4

The fourth meeting of SCOR WG 145 was held on 16th February 2020 in San Diego, USA preceding the AGU/ASO Ocean Sciences Meeting. The meeting notes are now available,  and consist of: (i) An eight page summary of the discussions regarding the various agenda items; (ii) the agenda for the morning session; (iii) the twenty-nine slides covering the whole of the morning session; (iv) the agenda for the afternoon discussion (about our future plans) and few related slides.

Participants are (left to right by row, from the top): David Turner, Heather Benway, Andrew Dickson, Peter Croot, Kechen Zhu, Frank Bastkowski, Simon Clegg, Regina Easley, Arthur Chen, Matthew Humphreys, Yuri Artioli, Pablo Lodeiro, Martha Gledhill, Eric Achterberg, and Ed Urban (front).




Working Group Meeting 3

The third meeting of SCOR WG 145 was held on 11th February 2018 in Portland OR, USA, preceding the AGU/ASO Ocean Sciences Meeting. The report from the meeting is available here.

Working Group Meeting 2

The second meeting of SCOR WG 145 was held on 21st February 2016 in New Orleans, USA preceding the AGU/ASO Ocean Sciences Meeting. The meeting notes are now available, and include the contents of the “Town Hall” presentation given by the Working Group at Ocean Sciences.

Participants are (left to right): David Turner, Christoph Voelker, Andrew Dickson, Arthur Chen, Eric Acherberg, Ed Urban, Alessandro Tagliabue, Mona Wells, Sylvia Sander, Stan van den Berg, Rodrigo Torres, Vanessa Hatje, Ivanka Pizeta. Participated, but not on photo: Simon Clegg, Heather Benway, Frank Millero.


Four SCOR WG 145 members also joined the 5 km fun-run held during the Ocean Sciences meeting. They are Heather Benway, Vanessa Hatje, Sylvia Sander and Stan van den Berg.




Working Group Meeting 1

The first meeting of the SCOR WG 145 was held 12-13 April 2015 in Sibenik, Croatia. The  meeting notes are now available.

Back row: Stan van den Berg, Ivanka Pizeta, Maite Maldonado, David Turner, Mona Wells. Middle row: Arthur Chen, Sylvia Sander, Rodrigo Torres. Forward row: Vanessa Hatje, Eric Achterberg. Front: Simon Clegg, Darren Rowland