The membership of the Working Group is listed below. We are also pleased to acknowledge the following collaborators who are contributing to our current projects: Igor Maksimov and  Asakai Toshiaki of the National Metrology Institute of Japan; Frank Bastkowski and Steffen Seitz of the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB); and Daniela Stoica of Laboratory national de métrologie et d’essais, Paris.

Working Group Chair:

  • David Turner (Sweden)


  • Simon Clegg (UK)
  • Sylvia Sander (Germany)

Other Full Members:

  • Heather Benway (USA)
  • Arthur Chen (China-Taipei)
  • Andrew Dickson (USA)
  • Vanessa Hatje (Brazil)
  • Maite Maldonado (Canada)
  • Alessandro Tagliabue (UK)
  • Rodrigo Torres (Chile)

Associate Members:

  • Eric Achterberg (Germany)
  • Frank Bastkowski (representing PTB, Germany)
  • Yuri Artioli (UK)
  • Parthasarathi Chakraborty (India)
  • Peter Croot (Ireland)
  • Regina Easley (representing NIST, USA)
  • Martha Gledhill (Germany)
  • Giles Marion (USA)
  • Peter May (Australia)
  • Igor Maksimov (representing NMIJ, Japan)
  • Frank Millero (USA)
  • Ivanka Pizeta (Croatia)
  • Darren Rowland (Australia)
  • Daniela Stoica (representing LNE, France)
  • Pavel Tischenko (Russia)
  • Stan van den Berg (UK)
  • Wolfgang Voigt (Germany)
  • Christoph Völker (Germany)
  • Feiyue Wang (Canada)
  • Mona Wells (China)