1.  D. R. Turner, E. P. Achterberg, C.-T. A. Chen, S. L. Clegg, V. Hatje, M. Maldonado, S. G. Sander, C. M. van den Berg, and M. Wells (2016) Towards a quality-controlled and accessible Pitzer model for seawater and related systems. Frontiers in Marine Science 3, art. 139;

2.  S. L. Clegg (2016-2017) The sensitivity of calculated seawater pH (total and free scales), and calcite and aragonite saturation, to Pitzer model parameter values. Recommendations for new measurements of thermodynamic properties. [Download]

In this document we make recommendations for new measurements of thermodynamic properties, in order of their importance for the calculation of pH (on both total and free scales), and calcite or aragonite saturation, using Pitzer chemical speciation models. The work described here is being used to guide our experiments (being carried out at Scripps Institution of Oceanography by Andrew Dickson, by Eric Achterberg at GEOMAR in Kiel, and by colleagues at national metrological institutes in Europe and Japan).